Oct 28, 2007

After all..

To England after all this time.....

I applied for my passport on April 15 late start true, received it in early August, a fun place, Passport Canada.
Proper pics are hard to pull of.. not to give them anymore of my life then they sucked up, let me just say they're a wee bit short of horrible nonsense.

All set then.. Wrong my Doc. changes my long-standing and well-planned appointment ...
Okay so another delay, now plan my trip..
Ever so excited I am, so is he, lovely A~...... he e-mails me 4 days prior to my flight doesn't want me to come, same man that said he hoped could been on Thursday, not the following Monday.... Now dread at my pending arrival.. be still my heart

Woo hoo this is bloody fun, I've [we] made plans for this for months, since February when he left here, fine I'll come stay elsewhere ( a trip to England been my livelong dream, some girls dream of a stinking wedding dress not I it's been England)....now more then ever, it's him I want to be with him, see his face feel him against me as I hug him
He agrees will pick me up

E-mails me on morning of my flight, please reconsider, go somewhere beachy & forget about me... DAMN!!!!
What is wrong?? (beachy yes A~! Southern England is beachy, it is)

Still wrapping my last minute details, packing up that morning was not a peaceful process, Ed's late waking, the woman at the BA desk asks me "WHY are you late" umm well nice start
Get on my plane, GAWD (bloody sardine cans planes are) 6 hours, waaa losing my mind they expect us to stay seated & belted, I am quietly tortured for hours by my doubts what am I doing, he doesn't want me, what will I do by the lack of space and freedom.

A window seat (bad choice!) ugh "excuse me may I get out" I hate making 2 men rise for my passage.
We land in Heathrow woo hoo, I like the landing part.

Immigration- detains me, they asked why are you here,umm vacation I say.
Do you have money, I said yes I have x y and z as well as visa & amex
Hey that's not enough money for being in England WOOT!!
They want his number, they page him, grill him, 3rd degree him... ask him if he'll support me whilst there for the duration Aug. 27- Jan. 15-08, oh yes he said though he didn't think he would need to- after 2 hours plus they let me go...bloodly hell, I have money!

Craving a cig, nicotine waning after all it's been a hard 8 hours easily

There "He" is there to pick me up, said if after all I wanted to come wouldn't dream of having me take a cab, sweet eh, hmm yes.... made my heart leap to see him kiss him
hug him, hear his voice complains about the price pd to parking making me laugh way deep inside he moves me so..

He agreed to my staying on his boat, okay to stay with him, so off to his boat after my hotel reservation is over...

My return was to be Jan 15th 2008, did I stay as we planned? ( he felt 1-2 months was insufficient) hell no happiness takes a back set to misery for this sweet Man...
I come to think perhaps he is a sort of sadist I dunno... whatever the case I love him, sounds pathetic to you perhaps but my love for him is not conditional.

Hiya ~ WELCOME TO ENGLAND M~ ~ Too much, yet I survive!

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