Feb 7, 2008

February 7th 2008

Obsessed with taking photos, posting and sharing them...
I have posted 755 photos / and have 4,121 views thus far..

The Third Elegy

To sing the beloved is one thing, another, oh,
that hidden guilty river-god of the blood.
What does he know, himself, of that lord of desire, her young lover, whom she knows distantly, who often out of his solitariness,
before the girl soothed him, often, as if she did not exist,
held up, dripping, from what unknowable depths,
his godhead, oh, rousing the night to endless uproar?
O Neptune of the blood, O his trident of terrors.
O the dark storm-wind from his chest, out of the twisted conch.
Hear, how the night becomes thinned-out and hollow. You, stars,
is it not from you that the lover’s joy in the beloved’s
face rises? Does he not gain his innermost insight,
into her face’s purity, from the pure stars? .......
more here ☛Rainer Maria Rilke: Dunino Elegies

Waiting for the spring posies

February is a dreary month here in New England...... you brightened last year's February, Death darkened it, tortured souls in snow... but I had you and I loved you so....

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