Nov 21, 2008


Sad so sad, I don't know how to get through the sadness I feel, I have lost so much, so much time on you.
Time is all there is and you took mine for no good reason, you have left me with only memories,
Some very bitter memories, you never laughed with me, never gave me, us the time we deserved,
Stupid me I don't still see it, you only played with me, just like your cat would play & tormented a mouse so you did to ... me the woman you said you loved,
your love? you love never gave me, dear love your sweet words were hollow, as is your heart..
Is your heart one that prefers misery my love ....

remember this photo I took it for you lover, send it to you on line together we were 3:something in my am, I wonder has it gone by the way all my images and presents to you..
Discarded or boxed

Twas Nov 20 2006 , changed it now showing the breaks I feel, shattered to be without in all
sense of the word without, no longer have your friendship silly woman I was, I never should of risked it... losing your friendship hurts me immensely, it doesn't matter b/c you don't seem to care, I guess nothing really matters Andrew not on this side of the pond..

Drowning in an ocean of tranquility

“Your heart is my piñata.”

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“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”


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