Jan 1, 2009

And so tis a New Year, 2009

2009 © M'sheArt-oOo-graphy All rights reserved. On the living room ( lounge ) window, directly behind the couch as are two others as I drank my Martini... a cold start by any account the window is now a solid mass of ice obscuring my vision to the outside worlld.... I think it's worth a view in large ♫Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Baby it's Cold Outside ♪ My love for frost is an enduring one, as a child in Montreal at lights out and a window right next to my bed, I became fascinated by the beauty and wonder found in the frost's crystalline formations. I would stare in awe, taking the intricate patterns in and eventually transforming by playing, warming the window pane with my fingers or breathe into other designs or doodles and impressions. All to be found the next time around, the foundation of new crystals... Okay right then we had / have leaky windows. Tis 11:01 EST on the 1st as I write this, and it's 11ºƒ... brrr... I hope you had a safe and very lovely New Year's Eve! Happy Jan.1st of 2009 Explore Jan 1, 2009 #101 yours truly the ghost

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