Feb 5, 2009

Bitter cold regret

(Hmm so much for private eh !!
City State/Region Country
Mountain View California United States
That rather pisses me off go figure why..

the same as when you arrived on the 5th of Feb 2 years ago...
but for the wind, it doesn't howl as it did
In 2 hours you would of been here..
I regret not being on time.
Not being armed with my camera.
Going to Newburyport instead of my fave island
difficult as the hike may been 4 u after your trip.
But most of all I regret allowing you to come
I regret losing my scruples and ethics
I regret ever contacting you in apple
I regret being your process.......
I regret losing my heart,
But I shall never ever regret loving,
even as the tears stream

A & I

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