Feb 2, 2009

I remember your arrival

I wish I could forget, but perhaps unlike you I remember..
I loved,
I was honest
Opened my heart
So you could rip it apart...
And oh you did how you did,
I was your option, only an option.
Discarded me, whilst you treasured
what is, was will always be
and the anger mounds..
climbs over me, engulfing me...

trash, human waste.
Lazy, and depraved black mailing
I hate you for choosing her and misery

all along you bloody liar.
You sick fool your heart is black as tar.
Keep your silence
keep your distance
keep your misery
keep the invincible, invisible yoke.
Stay in the box that brought you
where you are...

I remember your false tears
false love you gave nothing
and took
always took
even her inner soles I paid... the airfare.
for your pig soles...

you choose the downhill easy road.
it seems easy, easy is all you want?
Clutch your ease to your breast like
a bible... go my ghost keep your distance.



You never gave me a singe bloom, you couldn't even dedicate an image of one to me.
Your broken pendants, heart and dreams is all you gave me.
Cocky Andrew Ball you showed me and the genii
You fixed me but good.

Pink for love
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