Feb 18, 2009

You left the light behind

SunLight ~ You've always been my Clementine ©M'sheArt-oOo-graphy All rights reserved. Aquarius ~ February 11 You should embrace: Sensitivity, concern for others, emotional high You should avoid: Perfectionism, excessive temperament, exhaustion From my perspective and experience this is so very spot on for you dear.
You never embraced laughter, not once in 6 weeks did you laugh, a soul
cleansing and  joyful laughter, not once.
You were so mean regarding the way you expected things to be done, always
Had to be in control, you hide so much anger, and why?
Because you tend to a Woman you treat as your child.
You expected  not but perfection from me, never saw me as a human,
if you had you'd of treated me as such,   it felt like something less then human.

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