Feb 27, 2009

You were there and I here

We searched for this song in Newburyport, remember that love? (You didn't love Nwbryprt, I'm so very sorry ) ... & there it was, the first song that you heard when back in England - as the cab that drove you home .. first full day without you 02/27/2007 and now this song is of you too....... @Anchor and Freesia from me for you ...... mmm still I remember the scent love, I still do... the line of trees on shore these things and more, burned in my memory.... Scent of Freesia~ Anchored ©M'sheArt-oOo-graphy All rights reserved. You are the music while the music lasts. T. S. Eliot


Anonymous said...

sweet as can be. xx

Anonymous said...

sorry doesn't begin to cut it, silly man I am


©M's❤2©♫ said...

you're sweet a Man to say so, although I can't fathom it now to have not the memories.. perhaps I shouldn't of come since you didn't want to dance with me .. Ifyhyfm ((x))