Mar 14, 2009

About me ~ my little space on earth

This is my about you : I've actually been on blogger since May 2006, and I finally figured out how to consolidated my blogs into this one.. Haa yes a simply import but what did I know. I'm living life out of the box not buying into the bull that most religions teach, which in my eyes and experience is sin, guilt, duty without love, fear, separatism etc., which seems to taint very single part of the western world and life. I've met thousands of people, I've have worked with more then you can imagine, and I've seen how messed up people can be and I think there is an underlying reason- it's wrought from religion and the constant thoughts that we have been and are feed: which inundate our heads without most of us being aware of them.. Is it any wonder that "depression" has become the new "norm" everyone's on pills, eager to not see, not feel, to bury and forget.. Seeing through the lies, the hypocrisy, and veneer that coats everyday living, and people. I don't care to be right, I only want to be happy once again. I'm spiritual, yet agnostic, borderline atheist, I believe in love, freedom, happiness, nature, energy, and Mother Earth; for tis here, upon her which like you, I walk upon. a little space free counters


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any space with your presence, love.

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