Apr 17, 2009

Susan Boyle sings ~ Cry me a river

This amazing Woman sang the song Cry me a river for a 1999 Charity CD.. Which bring me to this, I can not, simply can not fathom how she was not heard, I mean heard not only listened to, but heard, actually heard her, and if not heard perhaps felt, for when she sings as when others sing that have this type of magic flow from within them there is a feeling and it resonates in my solar plexus.. for you "Godly" people that may mean, umm gut, I dunno what you may want to call it. I may certainly know why and it rests upon the shallow head of humanity, I know that world well, as a Woman that doesn't have flawless and smooth skin, an imperfect back... Those same people that cut women like us out of the groove, the ones that now claim that twas God that gave her this gift to vocalize as she does and "god bless her" at every chance... The ones that bless everyone but care more about looks and appearances, the almighty do you fit in the box looks.... The ones that sit at pubs and bars and make fun of those that go by, that they perceive less perfect then themselves/ the Andy's and Tracey's of the would. The same ones that sit in audience and eye to the heavens at Susan, b/c when asked by Simon what her goal was she said she wants to be a bon a fide Singer. Which we know the same was true for the 3 sitting in judgment of the talent. I say her genes gave her this ability and she's had for at least 40 years..... And her desire and go to it got her this far.... Do I feel bad for Susan Boyle because she's never been married? Bah HARDLY, NO not at all, let's face it Susan may of held out b/c she's religious, no husband no sex... thus her being called a virgin, a spinster... But do I feel bad that's she never tasted making love? Oh yes I do feel bad that lovely Susan of the Marvellous vocal chords has not experienced the joy of sex... the lovely, sinless, guiltless sublimity of making love... if it takes a husband for her to do so I hope she finds one, Good luck Susan beware of they who see fit to use you, forgive me but they are everywhere. And the beat goes on... cry me a river... DSC_1482 Julie London - Cry me a river (HQ Audio) Diana Krall: Cry me a river I must say I like them all but Susan's rendition is my fave... The look of Love would be a great song for Susan Boyle too yeas I have my list... '~]))™ M~

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