May 2, 2009

It's all about the light

I decided I am not a quitter so here, back at it... though again it funked out.. Oi what am I doing wrong.
Time after Time, Love keeps you waiting
I found that I really come to like this singer and I love this song.. love, love me and my love..
More photos....
This below was the spectacular pinkish sunset on May 15th, the evening prior the sunrise image above... Will-o'-the-wisp two  
May 17 2008 - Sunrise @ the Marina, Sunset on the Gulf side. Steps between the 2 thus the name Tween Waters ✯From Sea t✯ shining Sea✯  
Sunset Gulf side / i ❥this one,⤵ the water was so amazing to be in ..... at 18:25:16 ( a little extra sat. applied in iphoto enhanced the wonderful coppery colour further... Golden Sea Golden Sea 1
This made explore too, the water was so beautiful this is untouched not even signed 05/19/ 2008: @ 19:05:01 ♡ better View large On Black( numbers numbers everywhere;) Song for you Light is photography I find I am so captivated by it, little tiny glimmers of light can send me.. moonlight , sun dancing on the water, light caught in ice crystal or water drop.. Sunset's light on the metal of a plane, it's clear today I hope to catch some moon shots.
"People are like stain-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from with-in." -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross "
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Anonymous said...

what an eye for the light, and how to capture some of its glory.

©M's❤2©♫ said...

light's so beautiful, it's seductive to me really ..
thank you for the compliment A
hugs, M xx