Jun 11, 2009

The not so old Oak tree.. Acer platanoides L.

The Norway maple looming above our home, on a neighbours property has finally been taken down.
Considered an invasive species here in the northeast, this tree ould of been a dire hazard during storms furthermore it was also breaking and shifting the 20 ft retaining wall, which is the last thing one can allow for in this very steep hillside dwelling.
I was and 'm an advocate for it's removal, nonetheless on tree cutting day,
I was really rather sad to see it go, especially sad for the loss of it's life,
If only I could move you elsewhere
I 'm generally a dedicated tree hugger, albeit I've never lived in one,
this tree came close to claiming our house.
Now glad to have it gone, finally some sunlight for both my house and garden,
or at least when the Sun finally breaks through the cloud cover which has been relentless & with us since June turned the page...
So; I wonder what is the proper name given someone that cuts trees down trees?
A logger, on a lager scale does it apply to one by one
I guess a tree cutter will do for I don't think an arborist is the proper term,
although it does & can also apply.
A search on the proper terminology brought me to this bizarre story
And to an even more appalling story on the term "Tree Man";
sorry I just couldn't bring myself to link to it, if you'd like more use the keywords
"tree man"...
goodness !!!


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