Sep 10, 2009

Sadness and the loss of a love: my freedom!

"and you are here instead of sorrow.' "It's strange, how someone else's lies can be made your reality.. Make you dance to the beat of their dance." ©M'sheArt2

My trip was had thank you , I was abused royally by the UK's Border Agency-

It seems I flew to a country that thinks they know my bloody mind, Sodden pigs they are and a bunch of misogynist Women made sure of that ...... a nightmare can await anyone at anytime, single people out for no good reason,

Do your self a favour, don't ever fall in love with someone not in your own box not if you're not filthy rich or wear high hells are a Doctor or someone of great affluence, they will naturally assume you're just there to commit a crime, which in my case was to not leave when I said I would, and attempt to employee myself, and it's all rubbish.

My allegiance belong to my residence which is in the United States of America not England, and why would it be we're not all looking to be married, some of us don't believe a nickel in the paper ownership that it is, I need no paper to prove my love or maintain faithfulness

now they have added me, Me!!! Law abiding me to their database although I did nothing more then follow proper protocol , I am allowed to visit the UK for 6 months without a visa, I had the funds to do so, 5,000 residing at my loves new home, set aside in my account for this trip , And 950 cash in pocket, a credit card with a 10.000. limit

I had NO intention to work in the UK / None whatsoever, I am a law abiding person and I had nothing but a desire to see my love and have a vacation, that was it all I had on my mind.

I had every intention to leave, I had a flight booked, I have a home life to come back to.

My human rights HAVE been violated, I was treated as if a criminal, I was called a liar, and all so I may become one of the many finger printed that they may swap with others

My only crime is to have not fit into their square peg, I did not want to immigrate, I did not want to stay at a hotel why should I, I was staying with my sweetheart,

I did NOT want to go shoe shopping, I did not intent to marry my love, their British subject,

I did not intent or want to work there,

I however did and do have the ability to have a six month vacation, maybe they don't like that when they are working class heros, well maybe when they have worked for 33 years straight being a glorified chambermaid (hairdressers yes a glorified chambermaid ) then maybe they too can be unemployed whilst they get their artistic life moving in the right direction, yes it's my life and if I want to do art then I shall, as has been done by others.

Sadly for me I missed my flight and ended up in the Monday morning crews hands,

Rainy days and Mondays, proven again not to be good, but this was more then bad it was

a living nightmare, I am a good person and no where did I deserve the heinous treatment

I received, but the worse of it is I am now in their database for no good reason being called a person that has enter the UK for no good reason and not with my love for the joyous 6 months we have wait since Oct 2007 to finally have.

When decent people are treated as I have been, dehumanized, demoralized and punished for things they made up in their own minds - it just feels as if the terrorist have really won.

Sad sad world they made me & their wonderful English subject live in a certain hell .

Blasted LIARS, this is a sick world - I hope those dreadful women, suffer their losses too !

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"You show me a capitalist, and I'll show you a bloodsucker" — Malcolm X "It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know. We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing, receive nothing and therefore shrink until life is a mere living death." — Eleanor Roosevelt

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