May 13, 2006

Too-Much and not enough, you forget everything..

Looking at my blog after many months of my intentional absence it seems I deleted what I had previously written, It's okay, it wasn't very good like my life, it lacked.

Proceed to my birthday - heavens no fun there, a sick boyfriend, a sick hard drive (divinely planned or shear luck the jury is still out & will always be).
Me with my sites on a new man, (silly woman) one I thought to be wonderful and kind.
Tall man high enough to climb, I thought a lark of a man oh no far & away he is from that.
He was s cruel to me, a man whose chart reeks of deceit & lies ha!!
I should of looked at his chart earlier.
A man I caught like a fly in a Pitcher plant. Good riddance Ian.

The highlight of the day I exited & entered this world, was a song a sweet song, sent by a friend named Andy Ball~, How marvellous it was to get it on a rainy dismal, bone soaked, drowned Saturday a ray of light to cheer me. I played it to no end, it fed me for a good long time that lovely song.

Never too much... of him, I adore him.

I also received (shoved down my throat actually as i wanted to pick it up on monday) my sweet Bubble butt Mac back on the 13th, yahoo, (do you remember when it didn't mean a server etc? ) iLamp/ 20' in. G4 Flat panel I love that baby.
Back with a new HD, & a mismatch of software, ugh...
I had to zero the drive & reinstall osx 10.3.9 software without the little 'itunes helper"
Back in business, I am.

⾳• Summer ☼ 2006 •♪
Finally a spring & summer that is mine, left allow, no big family emergencies, no needs.
Just me posting learning about mac & how to admin. & run them.
Learning about me, about the betrayal of men, of friends that were just an illusion, like a bad trick it is over, though very saddening, still a certain Joy in the knowledge of where I stand.

I know I am alone in this head of mine.
Nothing is really shared, like mindedness,
Is my heartbreaking delusion.
I must confess, I create my own confusion....
Trusting the madness and illusion,
Believing in the love mankind calls love, was, is my first mistake.

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Me Bubble Butt
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