Mar 15, 2007


We went to Nantucket, there had been days on end of blissful [hell for some] summer heat the best for being in Nantucket in my opinion.
I had no doubt, no the bliss would not hold on it had to end, it is New England not Greece or Southern England.
Off on the 28th, I was so excited it didn't matter what the weather would be.
I adore the Gray Lady, all the time & any time. Faraway Island.

The ferry ride was great, a very misty lovely ride therefore empty of folks on deck just as I like it.... I have never been sweet enough to melt.

I don't sport the straight, ironed hair that women's dreams are made of, curls here there & everywhere.

And a thought on that, Women of forced metamorphosis, they like to stay dry; ) suits me, more room for those of us that still think irons are for pressing clothes, yikes you go ladies, smoke it!!

In Hairdressing Salons the little world of alchemy - I do not really belong to..
As I look and work about, I think If men could just see their "Dolls" in the midst of "getting done" and Ladies please bear in mind when your hair has not been washed for a week
I do mean 7 days, it's just umm a wee bit dirty, eh??
What a horrible and overwhelming smell! Right then....

Nantucket is by far one of the most moving beach scapes, the intensity of the waves in Madaket and all along the south east coast up to Great Point light. Luminous Gray Lady, I so love her.
She is over run with SUV's so many, 97% I would say are suv's are they needed, some perhaps.
I think not to the extent it is now.....too much construction.....too much!

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