Mar 29, 2007

February brought A~ change

It was the 5th of the month, the harsh hard wind threatening to blow everything away.
Cold to the chilling bone, a cold that some never ever imagined let alone been in- 4º F in the wee hours of the morning.

I think of you, of when you land, this cold may grasp you & shake you hard, you from a warmer, older land.
Coming here to New England, to be with me, oh my heavens me what have we cooked up?

I'm late, my cell rings in pressing acknowledgment of my lateness.
I' m just about down the stairs, I answer to your beautiful voice, a voice that resonates through me, telling me you're here at Logan International Airport, are going to get cup of coffee & wait for me, You on time across the pond & me late, a mere 15 minutes away...

Mmm so very nice, to see you meet & be with you, what a wonderful smile you have...
has anyone ever told you just how handsome your face is.... it is to me..xoxox

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