Apr 26, 2007

Hell = renewing a Canadian passport

They are so awful, the most demanding for a bloody photo, outrageous my goodness what is wrong with the lunatic powers that be.
Can't smile, must be 31-36-mm? from chin to hairline, yet it is okay to wear bloody bangs eh?
A chiropractor maybe my Guarantor but not a Professor(s), Lawyers, they are what, honest, Time thief's.. so very absurd-!!
Blood sucking process for us regular folks, as the criminals have their laughs, creating their own passports. You best believe their having passports. The dance the folks that are paid by the people
require us to dance. Of all of it what is so Disgusting is just how long this is taking, 11 weeks start to end.


:):* some more testing now now now .. life you're always testing.

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