Nov 12, 2007

Extortion? It's a matter of how you see it

cliché ~ solent

The medical "Free ride" here in Massachusetts is over, we are all being coerced into buying health insurance, like it or not.
Gone are the days where I could ( yes would) pay for my care on a as per needed basis.
Had I only invested the money I paid to health insurance when i was a young 20 & 30 yr. old, shame I would have a goodly sum, rather it was given to insurance with no return.

To all the folks that received care and never paid a red cent, thank you for ruining it for
those of us that did pay.
To the citizen that voted in favour of big business, surely Health insurance is that, thank you!!
I bet most of you have your insurance paid in part or full by your employers.
To the Government in this state & Mr. Romney, thank you your departing present that was TOO much for many of us, you never should of been so generous!

Hmmm... it's all a matter of how you see it, and I see the state forcing us into business like it or not, and it's just wrong... I wish I were back in England with you, love...

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