Nov 21, 2007

Wounds, broken,

A new OS X 10.4.11 Tiger update has solved my Spell Checker Safari crashes, thrilled.
It came with Safari 3.0.4 no longer beta, funny I loved beta when out in July and how I came to hate it, the constant crashing..... too bloody much!
Apple must of received a hundred Safari crashes from me alone in the last two months.

❤ break

A~ will not talk to me under any circumstances though the line's still out there for me,
the hook embedded in my flesh, dangles in my mind..

I can't help it, I feel discarded and dismissed love. yet the hook is left in I could maybe pull it out, yet I don't want to say goodbye to you.

I can't bear the tears that run down your face, not being able to comfort you.

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