Nov 18, 2008

America the Free, Hmm My Ars!

This morning I posted a letter in the fire safe coalitions' website. I am more then a little disgusted, that a Capitalist nations that does NOT pay a nickel Of my Healthcare, and a state that forces me to pay for Healthcare has the unmitgated GULL to have done what they have to my ALL NATURAL Cigarettes.' You may say we smokers deserve this, if so they I say you no compassion and it's always in style to have someone to Hate a group of smokers would be the first course. I have every intention to quit smoking, not with a DRUG replacement, the Medical Pharmaceutical community would perhaps recommend it... Goodness knows I have been told I "should" take that course. I say bugger off with more of the establishments drugs Docs once pushed cigs... I should collect up my collection of "more docs smoke (fill the blank ) adverts. "In a word Horrible! The cigs I pay premium money for, which still state they are All natural which before sold to Reynolds use to go out on their own if unattended, now burn to the filter if left alone in a tray. They semi go out when I hold the cig take a puff light back up and dropping cinders ashes all over the place, a new fire hazard~!! I have smoked for many years yet have never ever noticed the disgusting taste and scent that these "FSC" jokes put out. The smell permeates my hair and body I taste it when I wake in the morning, I have developed earaches as if they are being stabbed. Headaches, throat is sore, sinuses are painful and congested. Coughing, nausea and inexplicable, & sudden rashes if under stress & I smoke more. My right ankle has suddenly been very painful as if bruised, though I have not injured it. I simply hate what has been done to me, I am addicted to smoking and now something else has been added to my cigs. Its a disgusting & an immoral thing to do, to treat addicted people like the government's guinea pigs, the same government that allows a substance to be made and sold albeit we are NOT allowed to smoke anywhere but OUR own homes. Has now deemed us to be a group that is to be experimented with, by placing a new POISON in our ALL NATURAL cigs. The 500-600 additives we tried to escape when choosing a natural Tobacco has been made a farce. The government condones those ingredients as well. Who makes this additive ? WHO profits? WHAT is it??? Do I care YES! Where is the PROOF that cigs cause FIRES? WHO funded the research? Are fires not caused by matches & lighters, children playing with them, are these items not part of the SMOKING related items?? IS there a FIRE safe substance in those? in Natural GAS? in portable Heaters? StoveTOPS? Gasoline? Who else to make your prey but those of us addicted to smoking! Take us the lepers, the No Smoking laws have created, play with our health above and beyond ethics should allow. The government has a bloody nerve! If I could have it my way We would all QUIT SMOKING and see what happens to your BLOOD money! I don't care about your statistics, they are touted on the behalf of those trying to get their way, I do however care that I and fellow smokers, our loved one residing w/ us are made your experiment. I care that I HAVE to fund the company that MAKES the poison in my ALL NATURAL AMERICAN SPIRIT cigs. The thoughts above are AS I see it and experience it ~ I do hope that's allowed... My pennies spend them as you see fit." Addendum.. Yes I know, you say think I don't have to smoke, albeit you maybe correct, More then likely you are not addicted we all are in different ways & degrees, addicted to something that however is not the POINT, everything has a Point. This trash will be in every cigarette World wide, when & if they have it their way, ask yourself which company makes the new substance which renders these NASTY FSC...? or Close eyes True enough I am not a happy camper '~P I am pissed. Do you see the face of evil in this image I shot of smoke, oh it's right there hard to miss it ! Smoke gets in your eyes.. 2

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