Nov 24, 2008

Gray Monday

Hues of gray, snows seems more then likely.... lucky for me I like snow. I've a lot to do, yet I can't muster the desire, I was up so late watching a movie, "Into the Blue" the ocean and sunny location captured my attention, would not let go. Ooh the curse that it can be having cable, woke so late I missed the better part of the days light.... Quitting cigs is a real struggle, how I find myself remebering the wrong path I took in 1986, when I had quit and fell for a smoker, it was one of the worse paths I could of taken and I did.... such is life paths and decisions and all in all it's the most difficult accomplishment to know which is right one. Away from that and on to today, baby steps for I must quit, and I am no quitter, that's my big problem with the darn things ... "Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray" yet Luis you were so generous,never complained and your love helped me quit.... I should of stuck around babe ~ I so hope you're well where ever you maybe.. ❤ lines and circles I 'm also a bit sad, I guess it more then happens in the Saturn time of life Taking stock of where I have been, what I've done, the gains and losses... This video from Within Temptation speaks volumes.

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