Jan 5, 2009

Oxymorons :D

And mine -> the back button in Blogger, whilst editing will crash Safari EVERY time.
Found here-> http://www.itsallgood.itgo.com/custom4.html
act naturally
Advanced BASIC
almost exactly
alone together
airline food
cheerleading scholarship
clearly confused
clearly misunderstood
dangerously safe
definite maybe
diet ice cream
educational television
even odds
exact estimate
extensive briefing
extinct life
fish farm
found missing
freezer burn
friendly fire
good grief
guest host
healthy cheesecake
hells angels
holy war
home office
ill health
jumbo shrimp
larger half
least favorite
legally drunk
light rock
liquid gas
little giants
living dead
long sleeved t-shirt
loud librarian
Microsoft Works
minor crisis
minor miracle
modern history
new classic
non-dairy creamer
non-working mother
old news
on-time airplane
on-time musical production
on-time train
open secret
original copies
paid volunteer
plastic glasses
plastic silverware
polite salesman
pretty ugly
private citizen
professional drummer
randomly organized
sad clown
sanitary landfill
sanitary sewer
same difference
second best
seriously funny
silent scream
small crowd
soft rock
straight angle
sweet sorrow
taped live terribly enjoyable
tight slacks
tragic comedy
twelve-ounce pound cake
unbiased opinion
uncrowned king
unsellable stock
vaguely aware
virtual reality
working vacation

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