Apr 19, 2009

Celebrating Greek Easter

" I no longer care much about the church ceremonies leading up to Easter, with the exception of the candle lighting ceremony that begins on Saturday night and ends after midnight when the "sacred light flows from candle to candle, spread from person to person in and all around the church lit by the "holy flame" where everyone greets each other, strangers not for moment strangers... The lights begin their journey home, each person holding a candle. Funny to see the light in car (what fire hazard? ;) To me there is something beautiful and magical about this. I think it is the most important ceremony in Christianity because it affects both believers and non-believers. To see the church begin to glow brighter as each candle is lit and then the masses of people walking through the city streets or the towns s fills me with a spiritual feeling of being part of something bigger than self. " that yes we are indeed all interconnected, all is one one is all.. (something not actually believed by most religion(s), the connects are thought to be only within the tribe_ a lovely ceremony nonetheless)... Will I still go when I am no longer under the "roof of my beloved parents" ( not a tangible roof) maybe I shall just to light a candle for them... or I can simply do so inside my own church, which is my heart, and memories for I am connected to the higher light, and I don't need the middleman to proof or validate it..... Sacred flame(s) Easter's CandlelightTsoureki and EggsA dozen or so to goPre ~RedRed colouring All images are the property of ©M’sheArt~oOo~graphy these are last yrs photos, now I must ready to visit the two lovely people that made me.

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