Apr 21, 2009

Rose hips and vase

My newest challenge is shooting myself.... I find it difficult, ok more then difficult thus perfect to proceed for what is life worth if not a challenge at times. First the part on how to t focus on something that's just not yet there and how to make sense of it all as an amateur.
Sure it's easy enough to get myself as the dof.. so I went for this state of semi undress it was my best option to challenge my propriety, for I can be shy .... so on with the challenge now how do I focus on myself when I am not there (not a problem when I have cam in hand shooting in the bath mirror you understand) .. perhaps I over think it.
Or maybe not, either way I have come to realize that most self images I've seen in  the
land of self are most likely done by others, I mean those amateurs, in their
overly professional poses and photos... the pieces just do not fit.  "A lie will travel halfway round the planet,
whilst the truth is still putting on it's shoes" I believe Mark Twain said that, but no doubt there is someone somewhere that will happily covet it as their own...
Worked with Graphic converter for a ghostly mirror image and less of me to see, see '~]) 
this is original but for colour changed to sepia..
Rose hip(s) Am I a tart then mmm not in my mind just pushing the fear free counters

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